Cube Escape: Seasons – Case 23

Rusty Lake games is a monster mission of game reviews that I’ve been trying to get done for a long time. After some long thought its better to do them in a batch. In this mountain of games, we will work through the games both Cube Escape as well as the premium games. The story all works together as one universe so its a nice one to take a look at and see how its gone in terms of changing it up as well as how the story progresses.

Starting it off, its the first 5 games of the Cube Escape series: Seasons; The Lake; Arles; Harvey’s Box & Case 23, which are all fully free gaming experiences on mobile devices.

Cube Escape: Seasons

cube escape seasons

Cube Escape: Seasons kicks off this series which has many games to look at. For a free game, this one is very fleshed out. We play as The Woman who travels through the four seasons to change things in the past that will affect the future.

It has decent point and click elements as well as puzzle elements as well as a dark and mysterious backstory. This one adds in elements of time travel between the seasons. There’s a lot to love here from finding pieces to puzzles and connecting the different elements together from every season to further the story from the past to the future. Its intricate but never too far-fetched.

Score: 5/5

Cube Escape: The Lake

cube escape the lake

Taking place in a cabin next to a lake, Cube Escape: The Lake is a straightforward little game which if everything goes smooth probably takes about 20 minutes or so to solve. The Lake also plays as The Woman. There’s only one ending puzzle which is a tad more difficult to figure out. Its fairly creepy as well as it has some weird spirits and such. Its a weird series yet has quite a lot of charm from one game to the next. This is a revisit, mostly because its been always something to review on the list but never long enough for its own review. Free through and through, Cube Escape: The Lake is one of the lighter ones in the series and yet still shows the lake is probably more than it seems. There’s an alternate ending if you unlock another safe with a code found in Cube Escape: Seasons, just a little bonus to ponder on.

Score: 4.5/5

Cube Escape: Arles

Cube Escape: Arles

Cube Escape: Arles is another point and click puzzle/room escape sort of deal. As the painting clues towards, the player plays as Vincent van Gogh. The only time that this character is played.

It takes place in a room where there are lots of details to discover between opening locked doors to solving puzzles and a lot of it relies on noticing the little details. Its a nice little one that takes some effort to connect the dots. Its a decent 40 minutes or so to solve everything (probably faster if you link things faster than I did). However, everything in this one is all about finding the right clues and items and piecing them together so that it all makes sense. There’s even a segment similar to Paint By Numbers and that’s a fun addition.

Score: 5/5

Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box

Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

While all the previous Cube Escape games have been in a room looking for clues to go out, Harvey’s Box is set, as the title implicates, in a box. Harvey is the parrot that has appeared a few times over the previous games as well. He’s gone through quite a bit and in the first game with the Seasons, we help him narrowly escape a deadly fate.

In this one, we play as the bird Harvey which is stuck in a box. How it does all that is a mystery. Nothing in Rusty Lake universe has to make a ton of sense as its suspense and intrigue is in the weird things that happen and the rather paranormal things that occur. It has a lot of elements and genres that mix together and miraculously work to build this world. Harvey’s Box is somewhat weird and has some logic puzzles but things are fairly straightforward, making this one very polished.

Score: 4.5/5

Cube Escape: Case 23

Cube Escape: Case 23

Case 23 is structured a lot like the first game where it also has 4 chapters. It is the first game that we play as Dale Vandermeer, a detective investigating the mystery of a murdered woman in the first chapter. There are 4 chapters in Case 23 and each one is a different location on the map with some harder puzzles to piece together, ending with the last one which is the first time its a race against the clock. It follows the footsteps of the detective as he goes from one location to the next following the clues that he finds starting with the Murder Scene, Police Station, Chapel and finally the Cabin. Its an intricate one and rightfully so as this character is a key part to how the Rusty Lake series unravels.

Score: 5/5

Overall, the first 5 games of Cube Escape takes its players through a progression of the story although the timeline does jump around quite a bit for those noticing the details of the dated events and such. It introduces the key characters involved as well as finally having the detective discover what is underneath as with all the opening screens for the game after loading is a boat sinking into a red lake which of course is Rusty Lake itself.

Have you played the Cube Escape series?

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