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Steam Game Festival: First Impressions of Demos

As the Summer Game Fest is going on for the next little while, the next edition of Steam Game Festival is here. This time, it opens up a huge amount of free demos to try out. Definitely more selection than the week duration of the festival itself. Because of that, we tried to pick some more relevant titles to check out and do a little first impression on their playable demo. 

The Almost Gone (Happy Volcano)

With minimalist design and game mechanics similar to that of Monument Valley (playthrough) but with a more mysterious narrative undertone, The Almost Gone is a point and click mystery puzzle game that focuses on discovering puzzles in rooms that can rotate to discover new things on different walls and furniture as we roam around our home in the midst of moving and parents divorce and other family issues adding in the mix. 

The playable demo was the first chapter of the game. The puzzles itself are quite decent and this sort of game definitely will work well on mobile devices as the touch mechanics will work well. The story itself has some heavy content and might not be for everyone, especially those sensitive to this subject matter (they even have a warning at the beginning of the game). The puzzle design is pretty good but the maneuvering around with the arrows can get a little confusing from room to room (but maybe that’s just because I have a bad sense of direction). 

The Almost Gone will release on Steam on June 25th. 


Moncage is an adventure puzzle game that plays with using different sides of a cube to put together elements of different interactive scenes that help unlock more possibilities. These connections are the key to unlocking scenes and moving through this world trapped in this cubic device. 

The demo itself shows off these elements pretty well. It is able to show off the game mechanics and much more, the well thought-out game design and imagination that is all about connecting the dots and exploring the scene. It also has the option to give hints of what items are the pieces to use in the puzzles in the scene that can be used but gives room for the player to work them out themselves. It’s a matter of patience and noticing the little details and then putting it together. Sometimes, its not easy, even in the demo there were some challenging moments. As a puzzle game, its pretty unique. The only thing left is to see what type of story they are trying to tell as each scene reveals pictures to pick up that seem to connect to an unknown narrative. 

There is no date confirmed yet for Moncage but its definitely on that should be on your radar if you like puzzle games from the first look at the demo. 

Ami (LightHouse Studio)amigame

Ami is an upcoming action side-scroller platformer. The demo is very concise and starts off with a segment of the main character riding a bike in a town without electricity and then getting chased down by two boys in a van that suddenly wants to shoot her where she ends up at a house and it cuts inside where we pull some item and activates a button to get out of the trapped situation and the demo literally ends there. 

Based on that, the world itself is fairly dark and shows perhaps something has happened to the place itself that’s caused its lack of electricity and dangers. The visuals, the movement and mechanics gave strong vibes of Limbo or Inside (which is a good thing). The game is in very dark and gloomy colors except for the main character who is a red-haired girl with a light blue dress, yellow backpack and orange bicycle. 

Honestly, the demo is too short to truly have much of an impression on this. It does have a lot of room for potential depending on what the “deep story” they plan to deliver is all about. I do like the more minimalist visual style and darker world and even the environment and music from this one or two parts. However, there leaves a lot of room to see more revealed before there’s an actual anticipation for the game. 

Arrog (尘归尘, LEAP Game Studios/Hermanos Magia)

Arrog is a puzzle adventure that takes place in a hand drawn black and white world with a few color accents that tells the story of a man who is accepting his death through his dreams. According to its Steam page, its a 30 minute narrative experience which means that the few minutes of the demo does already capture a good bit of where this is heading.

The first impressions of the game is bizarre and abstract. Those are the two words that go with these experiences that want to be created. There’s something very whacky about a game once you realize what its about as the game constantly revolves around the outline of a man lying down and then interacting with different objects on the screen that will create some change and animation to happen. There isn’t exciting gameplay but its focus is on the experience so its probably not for intense gamers as its fairly toned down in gameplay mechanics department. Its just a lot of clicking around. If you like games with deeper meanings and simple minimal style, this  might be one to keep an eye on.

Arrog will release on July 28, 2020 on Steam. 

A Juggler’s Tale (Kaleidoscube)

A Juggler’s Tale is an upcoming 3D sidescroller that actually has a narrator that tells the story of Abby, a string puppet who escapes from the locked cage at the circus to see the world outside. The demo starts off as she goes to her circus act and then to her escape while showing off some of her abilities. 

Visually, the game is set like a puppet show where all the characters are moving with their strings. These strings come into play to hold her up when she’s falling down but it also hinders her movement when there’s an object in her way. It works a little to the concept of Unraveled. At the same time, the environment and art looks a lot like the styles of movies like Coraline. The world itself has a darkness of a little girl traversing a dangerous world and ends up getting help from friends like in the demo, her circus act companion bear, Urs plays a part in aiding her escape, having some strong vibes similar to Little Nightmares (review). 

With vibes of so many outstanding games, A Juggler’s Tale definitely feels like it has a lot of potential. The only thing is to see how the mechanics get polished up in the final release which has a way to go as its planned for release in 2021 but there is no official date yet. 

Roki (Polygon Treehouse)

Roki is an upcoming adventure 3D adventure game inspired by a Scandinavian folklore which tells a dark fairy tale of a girl called Tove who explores this fantastical winter forest landscape on a mission to save her brother Lars.

In the demo, the general idea is this point and click element where there is a story narration which gives a little bit of reading dialogue. At the same time, its about picking up items to navigate the area to progress. It all works fairly well. The demo puzzles weren’t too hard to figure out. The color palette in this world as well as the game mechanics all work fairly well together. The hand-drawn art style also is pretty nice. There’s definitely a lot a to love about this one and one to look forward to: Folklores and fairy tales, a family tale as well as adventures and fun characters in a winter landscape definitely ticks all the boxes.

Roki will release on July 23, 2020 on Steam.

Here’s the a batch of Steam Game Festival demo first impressions!
Any of these games caught your attention?

EA Play Live 2020 [Recap & Thoughts]

Starting off with a Thank You message from Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Miller to first responders, their own teams working from home as well as the players and addressing some of the issues going on to share their stance on the situation, EA Play Live 2020 kicks off with host Greg Miller promising huge surprises and incredible reveals. 

Here’s what we saw

Apex Legends: Season 5 Update

Fortnites main rival Apex Legends introduced Season 5 aswell as the latest update called Lost Treasures Collection Event and will launch on June 23.

At the same time, Apex Legends will be landing on Steam and Nintendo Switch this fall along with cross play, though wether this game will far any better on Switch than the ones which came before it remains to be seen.

The Sims 4  

Compared to previous years we didn’t get a new content announcement but instead that The Sims 4 latest is heading to Steam aswell Nintendo Switch though considering how clumsy the console versions felt it remains to be seen how the Switch will hand it or if it’s destined to be another transfer which sounds good on paper but doesn’t work.

Outide of the event the latest content pack Eco-Lifestyle has been released for the game allowing your Sims to live greener livestyles, dumpster dive and recycle objects they no longer want with the fabricator.

EA Originals Upcoming Games

It Takes Two (Hazelight)

It Takes Two is the third game from Hazelight written and directed by the always entertaining Josef Fares, who previously brought us Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out.

Continuing to build on his love for co-op gaming experiences, this game is a co-op action-adventure platformer which if we are to believe Fares will “blow your f**king mind away” as the team at Hazelight are aiming to fully combine the story and game mechanics than treating them as two seperate elements.

as you play two dolls of a little girl Rose  whose parents are about to separate and while trying to deal with the emotions of this situation creates the two dolls you play as as they come to life

Based on his previous games, Josef Fares projects are always something to anticipate with Hazelight especially so keen to tap into overlooked concepts and it’s hard to not be caught up in his enthusiasm really making this one to look forward and more news being announced  before its anticipated release in 2021. 

World Premiere: Lost in Random (Zoink Games)

Coming from the developers of Fe, Lost in Random is an upcoming action adventure game sharing a Gothic fairy tale giving off Tim Burton-esque vibes with a style reminicint of Coreline.

as it weaves a coming of age story with a young girl and her weird dice friend Dicey roaming the kingdom of Random which is governed by rules and minimizing risk, but with Dicey’s help, the hero will learn to accept randomness and the flow of life

 It’s expected to release in 2021 and compared to the some of the trailers we have seen its kind of nice to have a title present a solid and certainly unique idea than some abstract concept of what the game will be about

Rocket Arena (Final Strike Games)

The third EA Originals to wrap up the independent game selections is a debut title from Final Strike Games called Rocket Arena.

Its title which pretty much sets out what it’s about in the trailer with this 3v3 multiplayer rocket only shooter looking more to atap into the Overwatch market than yet another Fortnite clone. Unquestionably a colourful title with it’s dynamic mapsand colourful and customizable characters all with thier own combos and special abilities

Its set to release on July 14th on PS4, Xbox One, Origin and Steam and will support cross play right from the start. while on July 28th, they will release their first content update.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Certainly it’s been awhile since we have seen a Star Wars game focus purely on dogfights and piloting the legendry craft of the franchise so unquestionably expectations are high for this title taking place after the events of Return of the Jedi which appears to be a much requested update for the Tie-Fighter and X-Wing games.

Featuring a single player campaign were you will play as pilots for both the rebel alliance and the empire with the whole game played from the beautifully designed cockpit with the option for VR play aswell for an even more immersive experience

The game also features a 5V5 multiplayer alongside the usual game modes and unquestionable looks stunning as we saw glimpses of iconic locations like Cloud City while the in cockpit chatter between pilots gives it the same feel of Lylat Wars another game sorely in need of a sequel

Add to this a wide range of customisable options all unlocked in the game including the Ewok bobblehead it’s nice to see the Star Wars games still managing to generate the excitment currently failing to happen with the the movies.

Released October 2, 2020

Next Gen World Premiere: EA Sports

FIFA and Madden announced thier yearly updates with this dynamic trailer but as always with these games your know already if your going to get them or not

Announcement: New Skate Game

Skate 4 might be one of the most requested games whenever we get one of these showcases so to finally know that a new game is in development is certainly welcome news for the fans who have been waiting since 2009’s Skate 3 for a follow up, though of course it would be typical that we wait for years for a new skate game and then 3 come along at once!

Sure it was literally just an announcement but to know a game is being developed is alot beter than another year of hoping that they are working on one.

That wraps up the EA Play Live 2020 event!
Which of these titles are you excited about?

Future Games Show 2020 [Recap & Thoughts]

Summer Game Fest introduces something along the lines of what The Games Awards usually would provide with world premieres and exclusive trailers, except without the awards part. Future Games Show 2020 was hosted by Nolan North and Emily Rose online as they introduced each game while giving time for some developers to talk a little about their game and what to expect. 

Quantum Error (TeamKill Media)

Quantum Error is a first person shooter horror game taking place in a research facility that is on fire. Playing as the firefighter captain, what starts out as a rescue mission quickly is more than it seems. Its expected release in summer 2020 on Playstation 4 and later on for Playstation 5. You can find more info on their site HERE.

World Premiere: Dustborn (Red Thread Games)

Dustborn is an upcoming story -driven action adventure, looking like a comic book story, that follows a group of misfits and outcasts on a road trip across America. Using narrative choices, aka the power of words, they need to navigate different different situations, like persuading characters.  Feeling a little like Life is Strange, this is one to keep on the radar. Dustborn is expected to release on PC and consoles. 


Ghostrunner is a hardcore fast-paced slasher action game. Looking at the trailer, its in constant first person motion with quick reflexes to kill and survive this cyberpunk world. Its main goal is to fight to the top of a mega structure to confront the Keymaster at the top level. 

Call of the Sea (Out of the Blue)

Call of the Sea is a first person adventure game set in 1930s where the female protagonist is on an expedition in corners of the South Pacific in search of her husband missing from a previous mission. The game is introduced as a balance between puzzle solving and strong narrative. The protagonist, Norah is voiced by Sissy Jones (Firewatch) and aims to tell a story of both mystery and emotional journey.  Call of the Sea is an Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive. 

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (Frogwares)

After some success with previous Sherlock Holmes, Frogwares continues with this franchise but this time around they take it back in time to play as a 21 year old Sherlock before he becomes the legend now. Set in the late 19th century where Sherlock Holmes returns home to investigate the mysterious death of his mother, it keeps the open world exploration and now has expanded to being able to interact with the world like people on the streets. Much like its previous games, the detective features as well as taking the right actions to make the correct deductions will lead to different results. Its set to release on PC and console in 2021.

Cygni: All Guns Blazing

Cygni: All Guns Blazing is an old-school shoot-em-up that looks like Galaga and Ikaruga on steroids, all set in a stunning sci-fi city.  

World Premiere: Morbid: The Seven Acolytes 

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a pixelated top-down action game that looks like Bloodborne meets Zelda with a healthy dose of pixelated gore, we love to see this get a release for the Switch especially.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a love letter to classic J-RPG which plays with the concept of time allowing in real time on one screen to maneuver through the past, present and future. In the developers words, “learn from the past, act in the present and rewrite the future..”. This is also a game which wears its love for the genre on it’s sleeve citing the likes of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 among it’s inspirations.

Hot Shots Racing

Release date: Summer 2020

Lucky Mountain Games’ creative director is Trevor Lay who prior to begining work on  Hotshot Racing had already put in stints with both EA and Rockstar Games and now he wants to bring racing back to it’s arcade roots with the likes of Daytona USA, Virtua Racing, and Sega Rally serving as the inspiration and Sumo Digital providing additional support whose previous games include Sonic All-Stars Racing and Outrun 2006 a perfect fit for such an old school arcade racer.

Neon Abyss

From the creator of Worms, comes another irrelevant 2D action side scrolling shoot ’em up which looks fantastically nuts packed with rogue-like dungeon system. Its set to release on July 14th, 2020 on consoles and PC. 

Skater XL

While the wait for Skate 4 continues, this looks set to help fill the void while certainly tapping into those old school Tony Hawk vibes which itself has a remaster on the way combing the first two games. Its available on Steam Early Access. 

GTTOD Get To The Orange Door

An Xbox exclusive combing run and gun antics with a real Tron Vibe and currently has a free demo to try out on Steam. 


Waking is a third person action adventure game set within a coma as you explore a world made up of your own memories in this Inception style adventure.

Space Crew

From the makers of Bomber Crew comes this pixelated take on Star Trek. Space Crew is expected to release in September 2020. 

Maid of Sker

Maid of Sker is a first person psychological survival horror game inspired by Welsh folklore. Its main game mechanics is focused on being stealthy and using a weapon with limited ammo to create sounds to distract the blind enemies walking the hotel grounds. Three different difficulty levels will be introduced which won’t change the scare level but changes the AI reaction. Its expected to release later this year on consoles and PC. 

Future Hits Montage

Rapid fire clip show showcasing titles without full trailers including:

  • Smite
  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • Carrion
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart
  • ANNO: Mutationem
  • Doggone
  • The Almost Gone
  • Inkulinati
  • Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms
  • Wave Break
  • Cloudpunk
  • Windjammers
  • Hammer Ting
  • Stage Hands!
  • ArcheAge: Unchained

The Captain Is Dead

The Captain is Dead is a retro sci-fi themed game which is set to tap into the current board game obsession especially as more games get digital versions. The Captain is Dead set to release in 2020. 

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is reminiscent of Little Big Planet as you play living vinyl toys in a fully customisable world running with both NPCs and other players on their colorful environment. Its expected to release seasonal content regularly. They don’t have a release date yet but it will be in 2020. 

Main Assembly

Main Assembly is a sandbox game which allows you to essentially make anything you want bringing to mind Sony’s Dreams certainly the vehicle construction options look fun. Its currently out on Steam Early Access. 

Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a survival MMO.  The debut from the Polish development team Donkey Crew who here present a future where the Earth has stopped spinning. The result being that the planet split into two extreme environments, one blistering hot and the other cruelly cold. Its currently on Steam Early Access.

Wasteland 3

Brian Fargo, the producer of the original Fallout returns with the most anticipated sequel to Wasteland 2 set for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on August 28 and once again featuring the same top-down action of the previous games.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is a survival horror game written and directed by the Italian video game artist and director Chris Darril. It serves as both the prequel and sequel to the original 2017 game Remothered: Tormented Fathers the game will serve as the middle part of his Remothered trilogy as two young girls attempt to solve the mystery of the Ashmann Inn. Its set for release on August 25, 2020 on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Rogue Company

While looking similar to Fortnite, the focus of Rogue Company will be more on team play while promising cross play, including the Nintendo Switch. You can sign up for the alpha at www.roguecompany.com.


Upcoming Square Enix game Outriders is a third person co-op shooter from Polish producer People Can Fly and featuring four different classes all with their own special abilities which have been revealed over the course of the trailers we have seen since the games announcement.


Disintegration is a hybrid first-person shooter and real-time strategy game from V1 Interactive taking place in a world were human brains integrated into robotic bodies outnumber natural humans. The evil posthumanist faction seek to wipe out the last “uncanned” humans. With you playing as Rohmer Shoal, the integrated outlaw gravcycle pilot, who thinks that humanity should be allowed to exist without being hooked into man-made hardware. It will be released on June 16, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is one of the more ambitious titles for the next gen consoles and set in a world were World War 2 never ended this mystery adventure game follows a 12-year-old boy who finds a mysterious Nazi bunker while roaming a post-nuclear Polish wasteland.  The game is said to be a journey through the five stages of grief, which will be reflected in dialogue, character interactions, and the environment with your choices gradually affect the game’s characters, as well as its visual style, environment and sound effects.

Operation Tango

In Operation Tango, teamwork is key as you team up with another player to play the roles of an agent and a hacker to save the world from evil forces as you infiltrate enemy strongholds, hack computers, break into secured rooms, and navigate areas filled with enemies and turrets. Many of the solutions push players to solve puzzles in what is promised to be a “Feel-Good Spy Thriller”. Its set to come out at 2021.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Little is know about this new IP from Ember Lab being developed for the PS5 as you play a young female hero facing off against forest-dwelling creatures using a magic staff that can also take the form of a bow-and-arrow while using magic to rid the world of evil, and most importantly save those doe-eyed cottonballs.

Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner is a top-down action game that casts you as a crime-scene cleaner. Its off-kilter hand-drawn art style is immediately captivating alongside the unique player which sees you disposing of bodies and mopping up blood puddles while avoiding guards, while the prospect of hidden movie levels makes it only the more intriguing. Its expected to release on 2021.

A packed show and certainly a step up from the PS5 launch, but what are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Summer Game Fest: Playstation 5 Event (Recap + Thoughts)

E3 might have been cancelled but another version of it spreading over the next few months called Summer Game Fest with different studios and collaborated showcases to share some upcoming games both AAA and independent titles.

The first to kick things off is Sony Playstation who is bringing their PS5 reveal as well as their upcoming games. Kicking off with a reel of Playstation 4 games that have been released, we jump into a show that shares both upcoming games and the different elements of Playstation 5.

Here’s the recap of this year’s online Playstation event!

Playstation 5 Reveal


So we finally got out first look at the next generation of gaming and the latest edition to the Playstation family with’s unusual book design let alone the return to white which we’ve not seen from Playstation since the PS1. Hopefully there will be an option for black to avoid the sticky paw prints showing up on the box otherwise our order for the new hardware will include a can of spray paint.

The box is expected to be released in two formats with one having a blu-ray compatible disc drive and a lower priced version being based around digital downloads which when we have seen it previously as with the PSP GO really didn’t future proof itself much less your games library making it possibly a better investment to spend that extra to get the drive

Backwards compatibility has been rumoured amongst the usual shop talk with plans for the console to be able to play PS3 and PS4 titles again pushing the argument for investing in a disc drive.

Still for those of you who like to know the specifics of what’s in the box

  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz.
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, RDNA 2 architecture.
  • RAM: 16GB GDDR6.
  • Storage: Custom 825GB SSD.
  • Expandable storage: NVMe SSD slot.
  • Optical drive: 4K Blu-ray drive.

You will also get a copy for GTA V which no doubt will have most players scratching their heads despite the reassurance that the game is being further expanded when what most gamers want is GTA VI


The controllers remain largely the same outside of looking like they have been ripped out of Mass Effect with the touch pad still bafflingly remaining with the light moved from the front to the side of this pad…again not sure who wanted these features kept.

We also see the addition of a speaker / microphone built into the controller which hopefully won’t be on all the time should you be subjected to the foul mouthed ramblings of the squeekers. We also get the share button for the social media minded but likely this will just end up filling the hard drive with mispresses as it currently does when we have seen this elsewhere.

The are ongoing plans for more VR tech aswell as a new camera both peripherals it seems that they are determined to make a thing despite hardly making an impact currently on the general gaming populous.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales



After the success of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, their next game is now in the works focusing on Miles Morales’ story which no doubt delight those fans of the first game initially excited to see him in the original game preview only to find that his parts of the game were sneaking missions.

While there was some discussion as to whether this game is a spin-off, its since been confirmed that this will be a standalone title and while the trailer showcased new suits and moves, little is known at this point about the story. Luckily its not too long of a wait as its expected to be released in time for the holidays.

Gran Turismo 7


Almost every change in Gran Turismo’s franchise as lead to some new way of being immersed in a new racing simulator. Gran Turismo Sport has kept its game going very well by giving monthly updates of adding new cars and tracks. As this upcoming title is in the making, we can only expect what else they can add to the game. Of course, they did talk a lot about anticipating a campaign mode, which will be interesting.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the sequel to 2016’s Ratchet & Clank, also developed by Insomniac Games and will be a Playstation Exclusive. This time, the game still takes the third person shooter and platformer perspective as the duo heads into their next adventure. The gameplay shown in the trailer gives some idea on how the dimensional rift between alien worlds will look as well as some of the action parts of how the shooting elements will work and the different weapons.

Project Athia


Square Enix games are always something to look forward to. Project Athia looks incredible beautiful visually. However, its only a little teaser trailer that was shown with a little bit of in-development gameplay. Its a game with a female protagonist and seems to have some adventure elements in a world of danger with big creatures. Visually, its very appealing but seeing as Project Athia is still just a working title, the game is definitely still early in development. Its one to probably look forward to in the future.

Stray (Annapurna Interactive) – release 2021


A third-person adventure game but really it’s a cat simulator, in which the player controls a stray cat (with backpacks and all) exploring a cyberpunk city, populated by robots. It has open world elements, with a focus on the atmosphere and art while bringing to mind “Three Robots” from Love Death + Robots.

Returnal (Housemarque Game)


Returnal is an upcoming game developed by Housemarque Games. The player controls a space pilot stranded on an alien world. Every time she dies, the world regenerates. The game will combine first-person shooter and roguelike elements.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure


We should have expected the return of Little Big Planet and of course, Sackboy is back for the PS5 and now on a 3D plain moving away from the usual side scrolling fun in makeshift worlds. It remains however to be seen if the freedom to customise will be carried across to this game or not.

Destruction AllStars


Destruction AllStars is developed by Lucid Games and is an upcoming vehicular combat game, exclusive on Playstation. Being gamers of Carmageddon and Twisted Metal at some point previously, its nice to see more of these car destruction derby games appear. It’ll be interesting to see where this game will differ from its predecessors.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits


We’re always excited to see games with female protagonists. Set in a oriental story with a lot of oriental music to pair with it, Kena: Bridge of Spirits seems like a cute and action-packed adventure. The cuteness is from the little black creatures surrounding the main character but also the different creatures that she has to fight. Visually, this game looks pretty good in its world, character and creature designs. This game is set to be a Playstation 5 console exclusive.

Goodbye Volcano High 

Developed by Ko-Op, Goodbye Volcano High is an upcoming narrative adventure game set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs circling a group of friends navigating through their final year in high school.  Its set to release in 2021.

Oddworld: Soulstorm


Picking up from the remaster of the original game New N Tasty this latest trip to Oddworld will be both a continuation of that game as a remake of Abe’s Exodus while using the power of the new hardware to really create some spectacular moments as we see throughout the trailer.

Certainly of all the games we saw this was one of the stronger arguments for upgrading your console especially for those with fond memories of the original games and looking to see it expanded further.

Ghostwire: Tokyo


When GhostWire: Tokyo was first announced, it was really just an intriguing idea. This year, Playstation brings it a step further revealing some gameplay to this upcoming horror IP. The Tokyo backdrop is great for this horro set in the paranormal realm with all the different types of spirits haunting the city. At the same time, we get to see some of the gameplay from its fighting mechanics to enemies. Its definitely one that looks like it will be a lot of fun.  Its set to release in 2021 as a Playstation 5 console exclusive.

Jett: The Far Shore


Set for release at the holidays, Jett: The Far Shore is an upcoming cinematic adventure game that is an interstellar expedition on an ocean plant looking for a new place as the future is facing oblivion.



When GodFall was announced as the first game on Playstation 5 with a not-sure-what-to-expect sort of trailer back at The Game Awards last December, it hasn’t quite been on our minds. This latest trailer is definitely a deeper look as it reveals the gameplay for this upcoming action RPG. Visually, the world and its enemies look cool but then there are hints of reminders of some previous games in the same vein except this one seems to have some cool weapons to master and set in a different sort of world. Its set for release at the holidays.

Solar Ash


From the creators of award-winning Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash looks visually like its previous game and is pretty much a successor. It still features a masked character but this time heading into The Void.

Hitman III – January 2021


Agent 47 is back for his more assassinations with new locations including Dubai while promising the usual blend of stealth and cunning kills which we have come to expect from the series.

Little Devil Inside


Little Devil Inside is probably the quirkier trailer so far in this event. It follows a man on an adventure while having a parallel to the routine life of an old man. Where do these two cross their path and what is the correlation will be where it’ll be intriguing to see. The game shows off a lot of fun creatures and definitely feels more light-hearted.

NBA 2k21 – Fall 2020


You know what it is so your either excited or not about the yearly update to the franchise.

Bugsnax – Holidays 2020


From creators of Octodad, this quirky title promises 100 different bugs for plays to hunt, capture or just stumble across as you figure out the mystery of the island. If you’ve played Octodad then you pretty much know the tone of what to expect in their games and this feels right up the alley especially as soon as the strawberries turned around and scurried around with eyes.

Demon’s Souls


As a lot of games gets their remake, Demon’s Souls is the next action RPG in line which was originally developed by FromSoftware. Its remake however will be developed by Bluepoint Games.



Arkane Studios has developed some great games before. When Deathloop was first announced, it already looked intriguing. This time, we’re seeing a little more in this latest trailer. Its noir-esque setting, focus on stealth and first person shooter elements all looks like a ton of fun especially as its as its title says: a loop. The story is about rival assassins caught in a time loop and when you die, you just restart the loop again. Of course, the goal here seems to be to break out of the loop. This one looks like potentially a lot of fun.

Resident Evil Village


Set a few years after the event of Resident Evil: Biohazard as you play as Ethan once more, this time investigating the mysterious village of the title which is somehow linked to returning series stalward Chris Redfield. Retaining the first person perspective of the last game, fans will be hoping it can continue the revival of the franchise that Biohazard began. Resident Evil 8 is expected to release in 2021.

Pragmata-space-astronaut-saving a girl to the moon – coming 2022


Probably one of the latest titles in this batch to expect release in 2022, Pragmata is an upcoming game from Capcom set in a future with an astronaut and a little girl. There’s not a lot to go on except a first glimpse of sci-fi elements so one to look forward to future trailers.

Horizon II: Forbidden West


Originally planned for the PS4 this middle part of the planned trilogy now continues on the PS5 as Alloy continues her quest to stop the HADES system from destroying all life on earth. With shots of a post apocalyptic San Francisco the journey is expected to be an epic one especially as we saw shots of deserts, lush forests and icy wastelands as well as featuring new tribes and machines to defeat.

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Glass Masquerade (2016)

Glass Masquerade is a 2016 independent game by Onyx Lute which takes its players to assemble stained glass art displays and clocks which are part of the International Times Exhibition set as a tour around the world.

Glass Masquerade is a puzzle game concept inspired by Art Deco and stained glass artisans of the 20th century. Its a casual gaming experience set with soothing and atmospheric music. There is no narrative story line. Its goal is to share the beautiful art pieces replicated as a virtual gaming experience of putting together these stained glass art representative of each country. It takes a twist on the jigsaw puzzle but translates it to something a bit more complex as the pieces are all in odd, irregular shapes and not the typical pieces that most people are accustomed to.

Glass Masquerade

For what its intended, Glass Masquerade is a wonderful experience. Its visually appealing. The world map is done really nice. The set-up for each of the different shaped clocks that acts as the stained glass frame adds some unique elements. The game gives a starting point of having certain red pieces that act as anchors to where to begin. There are also different difficulty levels to the puzzle which can be played as desired provided its been unlocked from completing a previous level.

Glass Masquerade

Available in both mobile, console and PC gaming platforms, Glass Masquerade is an indie game that can reach the much more casual gamers. Its one to play to simply relax. If the 30 levels of the base game isn’t enough for you, the game also has some free extra levels. Some are demo levels of a DLC pack that needs to be purchased as an add-on. Others are simple free themed single puzzles like for Lunar New Year. All this boosts up the level count to be a well-rounded 50 levels. If you finish with that and want more, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions was released in February 2019.

Lie In My Heart (2019)

Lie In My Heart

Developed by Expressive Gamestudio, Lie In My Heart is a 2019 interactive visual novel with autobiographical elements about a man who loses his ex-wife and copes with both the loss of his son’s mother and how he and his son deal with it.

Autobiographical games are probably the hardest to talk about. After all, its someone’s life so there is no right or wrong to the story. Lie In My Heart is a cause and effect sort of story where the decisions made will affect the story. Its primarily a visual novel which means that there is a lot of reading. However, it also gives dialogue choices which will effect the outcome of the event as well as some timed actions, which probably will also have an effect by the end. At the end of each chapter, there will be a little note that pops up saying how many choices the player made that was the same as the real story. Of course, this leads to many ways to play the game again if the story intrigues the player, giving achievements of finding the complete path that the developer took or on the other hand, seeking out the completely fictional one as well as finding perhaps the good ending.

Lie in My Heart

As a one-sitting sort of game at about an hour or so in length (depending on reading speed), it paces itself quite well. There is reading but choices are also quite frequent as well as having some other actions to do. Its a neat little game that tells a rather poignant story about loss and mental illness. There are some trigger topics here so its not a suitable match for everyone or for people who are more sensitive to these topics. However, this has the autobiographical elements so makes it more real as well. Just like games like That Dragon Cancer, Lie In My Heart will be aim to make its players think a little. Games like these are reliant on how it connects with its players and that varies to the person.

Lie In My Heart

Lie In My Heart is a small game with a big heart to share their own story and experiences. The art style looks like hand-drawn like sketches with colored pencils. The music is paired very well with the story at hand. There isn’t a lot of shortcomings in the game mechanics either as everything is responsive. The choices in dialogue sometimes feel slightly odd but then, it might be done in a deliberate way to emphasize emotions and such with the punctuation (like exclamation points). Some of the reaction bits are very rare and its not very apparent what to do at first (but not hard to connect the dots). However, visual novels, especially ones interactive to a certain level is on rails so perhaps one thing here is that it may say x number of choices were similar but its easy to lose track where those choices were as it always felt less. The replayability here gives room to try again and its a quick game to play through even though, the themes here are heavier.

Bottomline: Is Lie In My Heart worth a playthrough? Absolutely. Is it something to play over and over again to discover the different endings even if its quick to play and has a poignant story? Maybe not (at least for me).

Review: 3.5/5

Lie In My Heart is currently available on Steam as of today (October 4, 2019).

*Key provided by developer*

Mobile Games Roundup – September 2019

mobile game roundup (48)

As we get back on track with mobile games roundup, this past month has been a whole new strategy to look for games to discover.

Here’s a few games with various genres that I’ve played this past month.

Project: Muse (Rinzz Co. Ltd.)

Project Muse

Project: Muse is a music rhythm game. It features different types of music featured through different characters. The playlist is extensive and the majority is unlocked through completing challenges or tasks while some can be unlocked using in-game currency collected by playing each of the levels and the “Gold Time” at the ending of each level to amass as many coins as possible. There are a few VIP levels that require in-game purchases however it isn’t in the majority.

Project:Muse is structured quite well as there are not only different levels and different speeds to play the difficulties, which is a common mechanic, however the levels itself a quite unique as it opens one to four lines of music to follow throughout which increases the challenge and the music is responsive to each touch of the screen to match with the music which makes it more immersive. Plus, the range of contact and responsiveness is balanced quite well also.

Score: 4/5

WTF Detective (Absolutist Ltd)

Screenshot_20190928-085804_WTF Detective.jpg

Looking a lot like another mobile game called Criminal Case, WTF Detective, full name Wunder Task Force Detective actually packs in a little more depth. It doesn’t only have the heavy focus on hidden objects detective game where its about collecting stars and energy refills. The story also has quite a lot of details and dialogue in the investigation of mysteries. At the same time, aside from hidden objects, there are also other types of mini games that help increase energy in forms of what it calls tests which include word games and match-3 puzzles (similar to 2 Dots).

There is some real-time elements included for the analysis, which can be sped up. The in-game currency is in stars which help unlock the parts of the case. Its a game that can be ultimately played completely for free (but can also be sped up through app purchases). Its nothing too deep but its little additions gives it a nice breath of fresh air. The only thing that might be a little more concern is that there was a bit of lag or just lack of responsiveness for touch controls for some of the smaller objects (without zooming in the image) and the image in turn is more sensitive with shifting the frame instead. Minor little issues.

Score: 3.5/5

Traffic Run (Geisha Tokyo Inc)

traffic run

Traffic Run is a simple mobile game consisting of pressing and holding to move forward a car into traffic and stopping in the various roads to the finish line. There’s traffic to avoid and coins to collect which becomes in-game currency  to unlock new cars and colors. In reality, Traffic Run fits into the mobile games model quite well: short levels, in-game currency and easy to learn model. There is two things that go against it: the frequency of ads because its a free game and the more important of the two, its repetitiveness of the levels. Traffic Run is for short bursts and even then, its easy to be a little bored with the whole concept. The difficulty increases very slowly and its never really that hard but rather just reacting fast enough to stop and anticipating that stop time before going. Perhaps it might get harder further into the game but looking at the first 50 levels or so was already enough.

Score: 2.5/5

Cookie Run: OvenBreak (Devsisters Corporation)

cookie run ovenbreak

Cookie Run has history. It first launched when tablets were becoming pretty popular years ago back in 2013. Seeing how its changed from then to the current mobile phone versions definitely is a dose of “nostalgia”. Cookie Run has a lot of new elements now from level quests to breaking high scores and then different types of runs and a kinds of events going on with their own level designs and then a multitude of gingerbread people to collect to use and their little sidekicks that float around them. There are all kinds of different gummies to collect also. If anything, its a bit of an overload of what to discover.

Cookie Run has a lot to discover but at the same time, it does sometimes feel like a grind as the life meter extends as you level up the gingerbread character and then it goes further in the level slightly. In the farming stages, despite the different levels in events and such, its still a fairly repetitive experience. The graphics and colors and design all work but the overall experience is for a short few runs and then stopping and not meant to be more than that.

Score: 3/5

Bendy in Nightmare Run (Joey Drew Studios)

Bendy in Nightmare Run

Using the character of Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine, Joey Drew Studios takes Bendy for a Nightmare Run as the game is called Bendy in Nightmare Run where its structured like a little story with multiple acts (which are different levels in an overall chapter). The end of one chapter unlocks the next one which will open up a new world.

The game mechanics function where Bendy is running towards the screen. He can collect bacon soup and objects like bricks, anvils and axes (at least in the first chapter) to throw at the boss running after him. There are minions in the middle to throw off the guard. The level isn’t always flat. It functions on evading the attacks while collecting bacon soup and the main goal is to decrease the boss’s life. Bendy can move left, right, jump, double jump as well as throw a weapon with a swipe of a finger on the screen.

While everything is fairly simple and its rather challenging as it gets later on in the chapter and acts, the issue with the game is always with mobile games in the sensitivity of motion. The reaction time leaves a little to be desired (maybe its a hardware issue because some scenes do lag and I’m running it on a Samsung Galaxy 8). At the same time, the swiping motions sometimes don’t work quite as intended making it rather frustrating at times as well. These are all issues with mobile gaming that commonly occur. It could be a combination of how sensitive the game reacts and senses these motions or hardware problems. Its a decent game concept but a little polish on the controls would do it some good.

Score: 3.5/5

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Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Indie Game Zone


Dreamhack Montreal may be primarily about LAN tournaments and e-sports. While that isn’t our corner of the market and not exactly anything that we focus on at our Game Warp headquarters, we go to Dreamhack Montreal to see the Indie Game Zone. This is definitely one of the smaller ones in terms of the quantity of games that are shown however, it still has a few good ones, granted we do check out a lot of gaming events over the last few years so some are familiar but there were a few new ones showcased here.


Before we jump into the Indie Game Zone, some AAA game companies do make appearances there and as usual, Nintendo made their appearance this year. Their booth surprisingly consisted of a lot of single player games with heavy focus on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The latter has a September 20th release date so its right around the corner for Nintendo Switch owners and Zelda fans.

Without further ado, let’s check out some games at Indie Game Zone that caught our eye!

Shark Castle (Sublunary Studio)

Shark Castle

Shark Castle is an adventure game where you play as a shark that has infiltrated a castle to clean up the pipes and avoid robot enemies to protect the waters that makes his home. Structured as a game with quests meshed something like a fetch quest and puzzle game, there is a relatively good story with cut scenes which help with the narrative. Despite the various bugs present in the game presented (which is unavoidable), the simple controls do help with this being an easy to pick up game as the controls are fairly simple and relies more on the thoughtful ways of how to decipher a puzzle and accomplish the quest to move forward. You can check out more on the game on Steam HERE.

Home (Lore Nine)


Home is a short interactive walking simulator where you simply click around each different room or area entered that defines home. As more is interacted with, the background music also increases and adds more ambiance to the game. Fact is, it’s a very simplistic idea here and a game trying to give some depth on what defines home. Some things correlate and some rooms fit into the idea. As a first experience, this short game isn’t quite as fulfilling however, the premise of home is a good one plus its more of a relaxing game experience and the background music is soothing, giving a break from the more populated challenging or multiplayer games in the indie game landscape. 

You can try out Home for free on Steam HERE.

The Grand Block Odyssey (Oddbreeze)

grand block odyssey

The Grand Block Odyssey is one of the first games that we had seen in the early days of Game Warp. Set in space on a sci-fi setting, there is a story narrative as a man needs to go through different rooms shifting boxes around in the puzzles to activate switches. It plays a lot like old school game Sokoban but just with a more prominent narrative. A release date of early 2020 is in the horizon and will land first on PC and after on Xbox. 

You can find more info on the game which will offer Chapter 1 for free upon release on Steam HERE.

Tech Support: Error Unknown\Beast Commander (Dragon Slumber)

tech support: error unknown

Dragon Slumber takes two games to present at Dreamhack. The first is 2019 release from earlier this year, Tech Support: Error Unknown which we have already talked about in the Montreal Comiccon Indie Game Zone recap, so here is the game link on Steam if you want to know more about it. You can also find a free demo to try it out. 

beast commander
Source: https://twitter.com/dragon_slumber/status/1166781903510409216

The second game is currently in development since April this year which is an RPG card game called Beast Commander. Dragon Slumber has always done games mixing up different genres and he does it here again. Beast Commander has multiple trajectories as the single player mode will let you choose different guilds to join which will unfold a different storyline giving the game replayability. At the same time, there will be around 80 beasts to command for the roster and they can be “caught” depending on what criteria and nature the beast possesses. The card game is used as a battle medium. This is also the element presented in the demo presented which shows the interactive cards as well as the different aspects of how the battle works. 

City Game Studio (Binogure Studio)

city game studio

We had previously tried this game at Montreal Comiccon. City Game Studio is a game  development company management sim. As that goes, there is a highly customizable level for its different features like the names of games, etc. 

You can see our review of the game HERE.

Biplane Racer (Alix Rocheleau Games)

Packed with a world map like Super Mario World, Biplane Racer is a 2D racing game where you fly a biplane through 70+ levels of hazardous maps using various creature characters in its Adventure Mode. If multiplayer is more your thing, you can also choose to play this against the CPU or gather up some friends to race in the Grand Prix mode. If you are two players, split screen is also an option. 

Biplane Racer is currently available on Steam HERE.

The Curse of the Lost Cause (Akedo Studio)

Currently only 3 months in development, The Curse of the Lost Cause is a retro platformer with pixel art and a mix of Indiana Jones adventures which is looking at having an end game with 4 different environments. The game tells the story of a man that goes on an adventure to return an artifact that was taken from his ancestors resulting to a curse on his family. In hope to reverse it, this adventure is afoot. 

The pre-alpha demo shows off the cavern level with an assortment of enemies. Of course, as an upcoming indie game, the twist that will satisfy the seasoned platformer lover is that it has a semi- procedurally generated  level that changes the speed of the obstacles and enemies after every continue. The level also may modify a little as well which gives it this game its challenge. Its definitely one to look out for as the other elements come together. The developers are hoping to have an improved demo for the upcoming MEGA MTL gaming festival in November. 

King of the Hat (Business Corp Incorporated)

King of the Hat launched earlier this year on Discord. As they get their game ready for Nintendo Switch, their multiplayer game based on stomping on each other’s hats set in the mystical land of Hatlandia might not look like much but its an indie gem that is a ton of fun to play with friends. King of the Hat being one of the few games already launched to showcase here actually also had a tournament on Sunday afternoon. 

Struggling (Chasing Rats Games)

Struggling has been showing at some gaming events this past year and probably what catches people’s eyes is how odd the whole game looks especially the two armed creature that you control. Having a much longer and detailed time to look at it this time, there is quite an entertaining charm to this game both for the viewers and the players alike.

While the game is compatible for single player, it is most fun as a co-op game where its about cooperation and communication as each player controls an arm and needs to overcome this terrain full of obstacles. Its a lot harder than it looks and probably quite frustrating and possibly full of laughs as well whether its for the players or the viewers, making it a game that fits the current gaming market very well especially when games like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy have made it big. More info for Struggling HERE.

Sacrifice Your Friends  (Astrolabe Interactive)

Currently in-development, Sacrifice Your Friends is primarily a 2 to 4 player game both accessible for couch or online. Blending cute cartoon horror style with the adaptations of the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, players can enter into various game modes, choose from different weapons to fight against friends in obstacle filled environments. While the game is mostly designed for the multiplayer experience, the story can be explored solo. There quite some depth to the different elements of this game that definitely will be one to look out for especially for those into multiplayer games.

You can find more info or wishlist the game on Steam HERE.


  • Infini (Barnaque)
  • Aeolis Tournament (Beyond Fun Studio)
  • Brainstorm Party (Golden Laugh)
  • Playcraft (Bebop Games)
  • Lemnis Gate (Ratloop Games)
  • Super Holobunnies: Pause Cafe (Q-bit Games)
  • Save Your Nuts (Triple Scale Games)
  • City Wars Savage (01 Studio)
  • Zombiotik (Totema Games)

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Which game(s) caught your attention?

Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Day 2 Recap + Overview

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Day 2 of Dreamhack Montreal was also our last day at the event. The event itself ended on Sunday. Saturday is usually the big day in the sense that its the busiest with a lot of visitors and a lot of people having settled in from the day before and a lot of tournaments and such going on during the day. All the matches will have gone live at one point or another during Saturday which also makes it a day that is a must-go including the cosplay competition which we had to miss again this year due to other clashing things in life.

In this post, we’ll talk about the few events that was going on as well as some thoughts on the event this year.

Beat Saber Invitationals

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Beat Saber has been a constant appearance at Dreamhack since the previous year. Its no secret that VR hasn’t had quite the popularity as it probably was anticipated and it might have to do with the high price point, however, Beat Saber as a rhythm game does highlight some great elements of owning the VR. Beat Saber Invitationals was a new thing this year. Its a battle of some of the top players of the games, which seemed mostly consisting of kids. Its nice to also see kids, if they want to game to do something other than the more rhythm base rather than games that focus on combat and such if there was a choice. And its also amazing to watch how accurate they can be.

I’m not too current on the e-sports scene or the Beat Saber scene but I went back constantly to see the matches here including players: Whiisper, Flee, Aify and Electrostats. The match between the two above was probably the most exciting because the player Flee got over 1000 combos and it was an incredibly fast-paced songs and they all played on expert level.

Dreamhack Fighting Games Championships

Dreamhack groups its fighting game championships all onto one area with multiple screens going on at the same time. The Dreamhack Fighting Games Championships (I think thats the name) included the normal ones like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros Melee as well as Street Fighter V like previous years. This year, they added in Brawlhalla (which might have been there last year) as well as Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat 11. I had already caught some Brawlhalla action the previous day in their doubles. Saturday was the singles event, I believe. Suffice to say that, what caught my eye was more the new additions, Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7, two games high on our list to try out.

Mortal Kombat 11 Pools

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 was set up on the side of the big screen in its own little corner and did garner quick a decent group of spectators. Rightfully so, because it is an intriguing one to watch especially because Mortal Kombat 11 is known for its over the top special moves and such, making it quite the spectacle to watch as you see a lot of seasoned players use different characters in their various match-ups. Despite the fairly new release of the game, Mortal Kombat as a franchise is still well-loved especially with these last two additions so its understandable that it pulled such a big crowd.

Tekken 7 Pools

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

On the other hand, while Tekken 7 has been out a little bit longer than Mortal Kombat 11, there was a definite lesser crowd going on. However, in some ways, this one also had its entertaining elements and the competitors all had pretty decent skills. Some of the rounds were fairly one-sided in terms of skills however there were some close ones. I watched three pair-ups do a best of 3 in the first pools. It also was the latest tournament to start up being set at 4pm on Saturday with its first pools.

Dreamhack Rainbow Six Siege
Decider Match: Fazeclan vs. Susquehanna Soniqs

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Between events and such, I went to go watch the match between Fazeclan and Soniqs in Rainbow Six Siege. It always feels like a staple thing to do. I would have wanted to watch one from the day before’s teams but this was also pretty cool as saw some different strategies and some different players. There was some really good rounds here.


Dreamhack Montreal is a pretty nice event overall. This year, there were a few changes. It felt like there were less tournaments and some of them were swapped to something else. There must’ve been a choice of popularity and such or just to keep things fresh. I reiterate that e-sports is not my forte but they are fun to watch every once in a while even if I don’t normally play the games (fighting games being the exception). At the same time, Olympic Stadium remains a nice venue to be at especially as this year, it definitely feels like there’s been more use of the space with the upstairs also being used (look at the picture on the most top of the post). It really gives it that watching sports feeling. They put out a lot of maps to make sure that people didn’t get lost around the venue and this year’s indications was a lot better than last year’s. Overall, with some new little things like panels and constant little games for the public going on at one of the stages, it was a fun little event where you were left deciding what to do between all the choices.

That’s it for the overview recaps of Dreamhack Montreal 2019!
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Dreamhack Montreal 2019: Day 1 Recap

Dreamhack Montreal 2019 is around the corner again. Like last year, its retained its location at Olympic Stadium for this weekend, September 6 to 8. Since its a LAN party, the 3 days passes get to stay 24 hours. The expo opens until 8pm while the festival hours open until midnight, all this applies except for Sunday which is the last day open. You can find all the info HERE.

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Friday is the first day of the event! With a little of issues, it became a full day event of coverage, which is great. There was time to take a look at the expo hall and other events going on. Indie Game Zone recap will be done in a separate post as Day 1 didn’t quite get around to everything yet.

At the first look at the event, it has changed a little with some new game tournaments as well as less big stages. However, the big ones still was there like Starcraft 2 which I like to call the rowdy bunch because its always the most enthusiastic crowd, then there’s Rainbow Six, Brawlhalla and other fighting games (which hadn’t started yet) as well as Rocket League having a much bigger stage this year, etc.

Rocket League – Dreamhack Pro Circuit
Complexity vs. Rogue

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Dreamhack Pro Circuit tournament started the earliest at noon. It was a constant match-ups  back to back with little breaks for transitions and set-ups for new teams prep. It was the stage located the closest to the entrance to the showfloor making it also quite intriguing while Rocket League is always one of the more exciting matches to watch also. We caught two or three of the matches during the day and the more exciting would have to go to Complexity and Rogue which was a tight match and some really great action back and forth.

Panel with Miss Harvey: E-sports & Sports

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

On accident, we ended up checking out the panel, maybe the first panel at Dreamhack, hosted by Miss Harvey, a Canadian professional gamer and Counter Strike & Counter Strike: Global Offensive having won 5 world championships which brought up the suitable topic of the current and future landscape of E-sports and Sports and the changes that may come from different people part of the industry in e-sports, sports or both. Its an interesting panel which offered a perspective on covered the basis for those maybe not too knowledgeable about e-sports to begin with to a deeper conversation from different generations and how its accepted moving to how they expect the future of e-sports will go and the difference or similarities between e-sports and sports.

Brawlhalla – Doubles

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

While we’re no Brawlhalla experts, it did have a specific stage for the match-ups this year which was quite in the open. The doubles match went on during Friday afternoon. There’s a definite similarity to Super Smash Bros for sure however, there are some differences here. Its quite entertaining as well.

Dreamhack Rainbow Six Siege: G2 Esports vs. Team BDS

Dreamhack Montreal 2019

Dreamhack Rainbow Six Siege tournament was the highlight this year. There was 3 big matches with other team matches going on online or at the same time in the hall. However, one of the matches would show on the big screen, probably the more anticipated teams. The last match of the day at 5:30pm went to G2 E-sports which are champion team against a BYOC team, Team BDS with some veterans as well from various other e-sports team with one of them, Shaiiko coming back from a 2 year ban in this one as his first tournament afterwards. It was a pretty intense match and easily got me involved on seeing the final turnout. Looking at the turnout of the other tournaments recap at the beginning, this match definitely was the match to watch that day as the scores were incredibly close.

Expo Hall: PC Tower Set-Ups

As a wrap-up, Dreamhack is always great for e-sports but its also great for exploring new PC set-ups and other fun things from all the companies there: Nvidia, Omen, Inwin, etc. There’s a ton to look at with some really creative ones. Here’s a few of them that caught my eye. Some are super cool, especially yet again with Inwin showing off a ferris wheel like one.

That’s it for Day One!
Day 2 is currently already underway and we’ll be reporting back tomorrow with more!
As well as Indie Game Zone and more!
If you are at the event, have lots of fun and share with us what caught your eye or what games you are there to play or watch!